About me

During a holiday to France I found myself in awe of their beautiful steelwork, and developed an intense desire to learn to weld. I’ve discovered that metal fabrication is my passion and feeds my creative mindset - it’s definitely where I flourish. I enjoy working with different clients during the design process, and seeing their vision come to life. 

Forging a legacy: the story behind the name Sooperocket

Before welding became a passion, I worked in the high-paced FMCG industry where I had a business supplying over 150 product lines to the top retail stores and restaurants. My days consisted of operational management, multitasking and thinking on my feet to meet constant deadlines.  

My personnel redubbed me Sooperocket because of my roll-up-your-sleeves and strike while the proverbial iron is hot approach.

I hold myself to a high standard. I believe my femininity and eye for detail give me a unique edge to deliver quality work and excellent service.